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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Title: Stay the same

I rest my case
you couldn't love me anyway
I rest my case
what was I thinking
you couldn't love me anyway

I rest my case
you're forever cold and I'm always to blame
I rest my case
I'll never mean anything to you
and that's a shame

I trace the night light
my position learned through lessons carried on my fingertips
and I carry myself like a gentle melody
but as soon as you're by my side I'm who I never want to be
it's harder, bitter, colder
it's the strangest, you're moving
but your heart remains stationary

Chorus: you'll stay the same
I'd always change for you
bettering myself
to make this last to make this last another day
you'll stay the same
why do you always play this game?
I'm always changing for you
fixing faults I never committed

I want this to end
the hanging of words
left out to dry whilst I weep
and I'm lost, I'm lost and lonely
better off alone, at least then I'm slightly happy
laughing and joking
but we're breaking
and you'll still stay the same
careless and none the wiser


ending: you'll never change for me
that proves anything and everything that I ever need to know
why do you always play this game?
why do you always stay the same

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Title: Better

I wish I was stronger than this
you're promising nothing more than lies
I wish I was stronger than us
you're acting out of character, again

I won't believe your empty words, ever again
I won't think that you mean them, anymore
I can't help but think that this is all just false love
I wouldn't like to think it's real

you're not a man
because men would not do what you did
you're not man
because men would take care of me, always
you're still a child
you only think about yourself, my dear
but, why? but, why?
do I love you so

Chorus: Each time I catch my breath
and become certain of what I want
just one look at you
I'm back to falling
each time I catch my strength
just one look at you
I'm back to being on my knees
wanting to stay with you

I can't help myself
I can't help myself to you
you're disappointingly pleasing
I can't help myself
I can't stop the way I feel
you're bitterly annoying
but, why?
do I love you so


ending: each time you make mistakes
each time I'm not wanted
could there be a duller day?
this love has left me haunted
remorseful of saying no
remorseful of second chances
but I give to you what I can
not what you deserve

Title: From what we started

I want to be your all, your first priority
I can't believe how much you've changed
your promises of who I thought you would be
who you never were and what a shame

you say that things will get easier, but I don't faith
and it's just a pathetic game, you're playing me
you say that you love me dearly, darling
but we both know that you don't really love at all

how could I care
how could I stay here
how could I care
how could I stay here with you

Chorus: It's just another love
soon to pass
a phase I'm going through
I hope it doesn't last
I'm tired of never being good enough
I'm tired of feeling cold within your touch
it's just another love
soon to pass, I hope at last
this phase I'm in
keeps me drowning within all the lies you kept
all the hidden messages
secrecy is shameful, surely you have learnt from this?

why do I want to stay?
why do I not hate you one bit?
why do I remain the same?
when you change at any given moment

I don't want to be around you
but I hate being not by your side
I don't want to kiss you anymore
it just tears apart my walls I've built inside


ending: why does it hurt this way?
could you stop changing my string of thoughts
why does it hurt this much?
could it be you're not enough
even though I can't walk away
from what we started

Title: Nothing or all.

I despite the way I want you back
each time we break away
I hate the way you talk to girls
and how I always get in the way

I can't understand how much I love and care for you
if were any more it'd kill, most certainly
suppressed by this, us
it's more than anything I thought we were
full of anger, full of anger
I don't want to lose you darling
but when you keep testing me and pushing me away
what more can I give to you? to make you stay

Chorus: If you don't like how much I care
if you don't want to hear a word from my everlasting love, everlasting love
is it too much to ask, for just three words from your touch
is it too much to ask for simplicity?
if you don't like how much I care for you
if you don't want me to be here
just say it
if you don't like how much I care for you
if you hate it, if you hate me too
just say it, just say it

I give so much to you and get nothing back
I have high expectations and standards that you always lack to meet
all I ask of you is to be there for me
like I am, like how I always drop everything to be with you

I can't stand the way I don't hate you, not even a tiny amount
I can't stand that I know I'm better off alone but I don't want to leave one bit
ooh, all I'm asking for
is everything that you just can't think about
you just want what you want


ending: I can't help how much I care for you
slowly I'll fade away
this is the last chance, my final call
beckoner, I beg you to love me
beckoner, I beg you to want me
beckoner, I need you to need me
give me nothing or give me all

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Title: when/enough

There's so much to say to you
where do I begin?
you promised me so many delicate words, before we picked up our pace
and it seems so far away, the empty promises you threw away
and there are words within words
that keep my mind rotating, so many thoughts that begin fires in my mind
and my insecurities keep on sinking deeper
I swallow my tongue and choke on what I want to tell you

I could never be happy
but I hope you are
you seem to be doing so well
you seem to be managing
and I'm still fading away
slowly edging out of this cold companionship

Chorus: when will it be enough?
when will I be enough?
I can't wait around for you to accept me
I can't watch you talk to her like that
you don't think, you just do
you never think, you just do

if it's not all serious
secrecy, hidden lust
why do you always take it further
why are you always pulling the trigger


ending: and if it's meant for us
we'll be together another time
and if I really mean that much
we'll be together for the better times

Title: Fuel the fire

why did you have to fuel the fire?
you were so wrapped up in your guilt free desires
and everything you said to her
you'd never think of me

why do you have to fuel the fire?
you're ever so caught up in desires
I've had enough, it's too much to keep this up
and so I've left it all to you
the last chance, never enough

Chorus: when will you fall in love with me?
when will I get the chance to understand you?
your lack of thinking
your lack of common sense
you do what you want to please you
and I'll always try hard to keep you
but whenever I'm close you steer away
why do you have to fuel the fire?
you're so wrapped up in your secrecy and hidden desires

I'm well inclined to let this go
I watch you grow
I become weak
and baby, you know I could give you up
but not so easily

second thoughts from the past
I've never been there before
I'm never empty from doubts
you'll never try, it's too much effort


ending: and you know, I could give you up
so why do you have to fuel the fire?
why are you so wrapped up in secrecy and toxic desires?

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Title: Felt, feel

Near to you, I crave to be
away from you I'm suffering
and can you feel it?
can you feel this?

away from you, I can't cope
near to you I long to hope
this will last forever
this could last forever

if we made it through another night
could you hold me closer, hold me tight?
could I be the one? could I be the one?

Chorus: I've never felt so strong
and weak at the same time
my feelings and doubts contrast in the front of my mind
your happiness is all I think about
and it's the promise of tomorrow that I long for
I've never felt so weak but strong

I'm insecure,  I won't learn to trust
and sweetheart, promise me, you can live with that?
it's one of my many flaws

to me you are the face of beauty
each time I stare I take all of you in, I take all of you in to me
I pick up on your habits
I pick up on your flaws
but darling, I wanna see more


ending: I don't want this to ever end
we've started off so strongly
I won't break away
I won't fade away from you